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The Panels Department combines decades of industry experience and strong relationships with mills throughout the U.S. and Canada and offers a full suite of products across various customer segments including retail, dealer, industrial, and manufacturing.


  • Doug Fir
  • Southern Yellow Pine


  • CCX
  • CDX
  • T&G Under Layment
  • Square Edge Under Layment

We work with domestic and international mills to get you the right product in the dimension and thickness you need.


We source a variety of trims and grades from a broad mill base available in the following species:

  • Green and Dry Coastal Species
  • Dry Inland Species
  • E-SPF
  • W-SPF

In carload and truckload quantities, we can deliver:

  • Standard trim lengths
  • Special order trim lengths
  • Finger-jointed studs

Reach a Panels and Studs Trader

Dustin Heusser:
Senior Lumber Trader
(Panels and Studs)
Phone: (866) 844-1716, (541) 647-5766

Scott Nelson:
Senior Lumber Trader
Phone: (866) 844-1712, (541) 647-5762

Neil Overfelt:
Senior Lumber Trader
(KD Studs)
Phone: (866) 844-1715, (541) 647-5765

Joel Weddell:
Lumber Trader
Phone: (866) 844-4082
(541) 647-5786

Tanner Dillon:
Lumber Trader Trainee
Phone: (866) 844-1708, (541) 647-5768

Blake Hilary:
Lumber Trader Trainee
Phone: (855) 292-5778, (541) 647-5778


Derek Priestley:
Lumber Trader Trainee
Phone: (844) 313-3132, (541) 647-5640


"We've been doing cedar roofing for over 30 years and we've seen a big trend toward less quality and inconsistent bundles from other suppliers that cost less. We've learned that nowadays you have to pay a little more to make sure you get high quality materials. Thanks you guys!!! "

S Spring
Palouse Builders Inc.

"PFP offers same and next day service with accurate and timely deliveries. Customer service is personable and I have complete trust in their buying and selling process."

California Customer

"PFP is always willing to go out and find values and hard to find items and put them in front of me. Plateau’s opinion of market trends and lumber values is invaluable to me."

Southern California Customer

"Plateau Forest Products ranks as one of our strongest trading partners with a history that goes back to the 1970”s. We enjoy a progressive, transparent and mutually beneficial business relationship and have a deep appreciation for the role PFP plays in bringing our product to the market."

Canadian Mill

"It is a pleasure to work with PFP. They are knowledgeable, and go the extra mile in customer service. I will continue to rely on their expertise and recommend them to anyone I can. They are exceptional and the company is run the way it should be!"

Heide G.
US Customer